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The island of Lefkada, the land that takes over a "dot" in the greatness of creation is not, at least as it looks, an infinitesimal spot in the ocean of the world history. Many times it determines the European history and affects the general process of the good or the bad historical acts. The island received its name from Cape Lefkatas or cape of "the Lady", with white steep rocks on the southern end of the island.

Somewhere on the south end, in between the many small bays the sea was meant to sculpture the Mikros Gialos - a small bay which is charming on the first look. Next to the big stone which characterizes this amazing small bay , the so called "Zolithros" we set the homonymous little tavern with all our love and passion. As time has moved on, close by the beach we have created a very beautiful place of calmness and relaxation consisting of twelve lovely rooms, so your holidays will remain unforgettable.

The Tavern

In 1972 Armata's family decides for the first time to give the very fresh fish that "Barba-Nikos" was catching with his boat to the few visitors and friends. This is how we have created the small yard of "Zolithros" which some years later was meant to be the tavern that attracts everybody on the beautiful bay of "Mikros Gialos".

Thirty-five years later "Barba-Nikos" continues tirelessly to barbeque the fresh fish which he fishes with his boat, Miss Yannoula fascinates us with the most delicious local recipies and the always polite and cheerful Vangelis with his jokes and willingness will serve you in a unique way so you enjoy your choices!

the fishing machine


Agios Nikolaos. The old hull, the tireless companion of "Barba-Nikos" for many years continues to follow him to his everyday fishing trips, stirring up the Ionian sea and seeking the very fresh fish which will end up on your plate!

The rooms

If you are aiming for a quiet holiday and have chosen "Mikros Gialos", we have created twelve unique studios which aim to meet your needs for total relaxation. Our rooms have the capacity to accomodate up to four people per room to a very charming environment fully harmonious with the traditions of the island. Equiped with all the modern conveniences like satelite TV, a/c, kitchen and big parking area!


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Poros, Mikros Gialos
Lefkada, Greece

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12:30 – 23:00

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